Friday, July 20, 2007

Beware of Scams!!!

All unsolicited spam E-mails, spim[unsolicited instant messages asking for ca$h] , Potential Lenders [requiring advance fees] Job offers[involving wire transfers/checks/paypal & RE-shipping goods overseas], Checks/money orders, Sob Stories[look out for people who may God's Name to scam you] from OVERSEAS & from the states are SCAMS!!

Never Click on a Link that you saw in a unsolicited email.

Online Buyers: Never pay with Western Union or Money Gram - That's right -- never! These methods have proven to be unsafe when paying someone you don't know. -Ebay

If it seems too good to be true, it probably a scam. If it's unsolicited, it's a scam!!

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Shine4u said...

thank you for warnings so we all are more aware and be more alert not to just trust any or all we hear, read or see, this is good for all to know and share with all cuz we all need reminders and lots scams going on out there that lots are now aware of and need to be, so thank you for caring enough to share good points to lookout for, tc & gbu :D